Friday, 30 November 2012

Beginner's Choice

My dear developers,

Am Vishwanath, started my career directly from learning Objective-C building iOS applications. Before this i was just aware of C and C++ languages only. Now i have over 2.8 years on Obj-C and 2.4 years on iOS SDK. Have built apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad applications.
So far in my journey i have learned some skills like-

  • Hands on features/services like MapKit, Location based services, Web services based, XML, JSON, PDF, Paypal, in-app Purchases, Core data, iCloud.
  • Hands on e-commerce applications, Social networking applications, Event based applications.
In my journey i have built lots of sample applications to learn different concepts, different frameworks. Just for learning my self. Have come across lots of hurdles- found solutions, tricks and tips to complete the tasks in a easier way.Using these experiences which i gained so far we can build simple applications just like that in no time, and can decide which will be best out of many ways to accomplish the tasks/hurdles building any applications.
Now i can say that am a Beginner's Level-2 in iOS development. So want to help my co-developers, who want to start a career in iOS development or Beginner's Level-1. So that you can cross these hurdles in no time and develop great applications in less time.

To start this i will be posting Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, to complete Tasks and many more in this blog. So subscribe to this blog & be in touch to save your time in development. These tips will be really helpful in real time while building apps in many ways, so just have look on it.



This list will be growing on, so keep looking at it every day.

Apart from this if you have some of good blogs or tutorials posted by you, send me a mail/ add in comments with link & description i will share it over here so that it will be useful to many other developers.

If you come across some issues & want any help/guidance from me just add a comment will have a tutorial for that, showing at which time you faced the issue with a solution to that, even with the details of the developer who actually got this issue (if they want so).

You can also suggest or request on what next topics should be?

So keep looking, keep coding, keep developing.


How to add custom fonts to your iOS app

To have well designed UI in any app, we need to have some thing different then any other apps. This may be in terms of images, colors, contents, fonts, text styles, way of presentation. And suppose if the Xcode doesn't have the required things which we required.

Here is a tip for how to add your own custom font to use in any iOS app just in 3 steps.

1) Add the font file to your resource bundle, the file extension will be “otf”. Here is a font file of STIXGeneral.

2) Add the font info in your application info.plist file, once added your info.plist file will look similar like below.

3) Then nothing, just use the font any where in your app as required. The one is shown below, similarly

[_myLabel setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:@”STIXGeneral” size:44]];

That's it now your UI shows your own custom font.

Happy Coding.