Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to make use of Digital Color Meter application in MAC

We have an application in our MAC called "DigitalColor Meter". We can use this application into our application to get the color code for RGB.
1)   Open Digital Color Meter application in MAC, can use spot light for easy search.
2)   Keep the required mode to "RGB as Percentage"
3)   Using the mouse pointer go to the required color on the screen.
4)   Note down the RGB values in percentage.
5)   In our code you can use the method 
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.663 green:0.855 blue:0.341 alpha:1]

Convert percentage values into fractions. like 53.5% will become 0.535. Use the respective RGB values in the code, and alpha value must be 1.
Run the application, you will get the exact color required.
For HTML users
In the "DigitalColor Meter" application set the mode to "RGB As actual value, 8-bit", so that you can get the RGB value as decimal number from 0-255. Note this RGB numbers.
Use RGB-HEX to get the hexadecimal number of the required color by inserting these RGB values.
for example:
R - 85   G - 20   B - 30
required color in hexadecimal is : #55141E
You can use this hexadecimal value, to get the required color in html code.

Happy Coding.

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