Sunday, 12 May 2013

About Me

My dear developers,

Am Vishwanath, started my career directly from learning Objective-C building iOS applications. Before this i was just aware of C and C++ languages only. Now i have over 2.8 years on Obj-C and 2.4 years on iOS SDK. Have built apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad applications.
So far in my journey i have learned some skills like-

  • Hands on features/services like MapKit, Location based services, Web services based, XML, JSON, PDF, Paypal, in-app Purchases, Core data, iCloud.
  • Hands on e-commerce applications, Social networking applications, Event based applications.
In my journey i have built lots of sample applications to learn different concepts, different frameworks. Just for learning my self. Have come across lots of hurdles- found solutions, tricks and tips to complete the tasks in a easier way.Using these experiences which i gained so far we can build simple applications just like that in no time, and can decide which will be best out of many ways to accomplish the tasks/hurdles building any applications.
Now i can say that am a Beginner's Level-2 in iOS development. So want to help my co-developers, who want to start a career in iOS development or Beginner's Level-1. So that you can cross these hurdles in no time and develop great applications in less time.

To start this i will be posting Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, to complete Tasks and many more in this blog. So subscribe to this blog & be in touch to save your time in development. These tips will be really helpful in real time while building apps in many ways, so just have look on it.

gTalk :
skype : mfsi_vishwanathv
twitter : @vishwa411

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