Thursday, 13 December 2012

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Hello developers, 

In the journey so far even i stuck up at some moments from days to weeks. Later on searching several forums and tutorials got solution to get through the difficulties easily. So in this section i will share the links of the blogs, forum's Q&A, tutorials which really helped me really a lot to fix my issues or get it done. 
And also some interesting links which i found.

HTMLParsing, as the name says i got a task to parse html content with in xml response to extract the content within. After some few search straight forward i got a tutorial which explained the steps beautifully, you all know the source of the tutorial, yes you are right its from Raywenderlich.                    

Orientations in iOS 6, as you all know apple changed its apis relate to orientations. I tried many options with the available new api's but none of them lead to success, finally got this tutorial from Shabbir's Forum, then everything worked like charm.

 GeoNames, The geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million place names that are available for download free of charge. This provides the data in many formats so for newbie it will great site to learn parsing data from server, and more over it also has data in other formats too. Have a look at the GeoNamesWebServices Overview.

Creating Static Libraries For iOS, you might have seen some libraries in xcode such as "libxml2.2", and many more. These are static libraries, this tutorial helps you to create your own static libraries.

Simple XML to NSDictionary Converter, as the name indicates its a simple XML to dictionary converter.

Generate PDF programmatically in iPhone/iPad SDK, generating your own pdf through code.

Saving Layers, slice the images from any Photoshop file. Extract layers as png files and implement in your app.

CoreData Basics Part 7 – Search Bars, many of you have wondered how search display controller is help ful, this tutorial is about that. Apart from that it integrates with the your core data too using fetch controller.

 Icons Pedia, a free site to get png files artworks for your app. And also you can create the app using these free artworks as a prototype app and later you can show it to your designer to create the artworks for your own.

 ZooZ- In-App Payments, apple has its own in-app purchase, which does the payments from the users app store accounts as it is linked with users Credit Card info. Apple says the app must use apple's in-app purchase if it deals with digital content. If you are selling a physical goods, you may opt user directly pays you through his Debit/Credit card, Zooz is one such payment gate way enables the user to pay through Debit/Credit card from your app. It also has an option to pay through PayPal.

 Upload your App - Diawi - Development iOS Apps Wireless Installation, this enables to download the app directly to your device through device's browser. You can upload the build to this site and send the link to your client so that he can download the app directly to his device and start testing.

Base64Online - base64 decode and encode, encoding & decoding any image in base64 format, which is a string of characters. You can send this data to your server from device to upload image files. This link provides to encode & decode images into base64 formats online.

Happy Coding,

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